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The Tough Kid

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  • Help your child learn and use effective social skills.

    Social Skills for the Tough Kid: Tips and Tools for Parents
    Many children have a tough time in social situations. Some are shy and withdrawn. Others may use their fists to settle arguments with their classmates. Kids who don't know how to interact appropriately have trouble...
  • A resource for regular and special education teachers that provides effective strategies for dealing with challenging students.

    The Tough Kid Book, 2nd ed.
    Constant and intense aggression, arguing, tantrums, noncompliance, and poor academic progress—these are characteristic of the Tough Kid. You can't "cure" Tough Kids, but you can use proactive, positive techniques to...
  • DVD that teachers can use to teach six skills for preventing and reducing bullying in schools.

    The Tough Kid Bully Blocker Shorts
    Fast-hands animation provides an engaging presentation of six skills for preventing and reducing bullying. Students are compelled to watch and in the process learn the concepts. How will the artist portray the bully, the...
  • A comprehensive manual for use by school staff to prevent and reduce all forms of bullying.

    The Tough Kid Bully Blockers Book
    Most classrooms include Tough Kids—high-risk students often characterized by aggressive and impulsive behavior. Tough Kids are frequently regarded as bullies, but they can also be victims of bullying. Research suggests...
  • Buy The Tough Kid Book, 2nd ed. AND The Tough Kid Tool Box together and save.

    The Tough Kid Bundle
    Buy The Tough Kid Book, 2nd ed. and The Tough Kid Toolbox together and save! If you are a regular or special education teacher, counselor, instructional coach, or paraeducator, you can use these two books in combination to...
  • The Tough Kid Electronic Home Notes

    The Tough Kid Electronic Home Notes
    One of the most effective school-to-home collaboration strategies has been the home note. The Tough Kid Electronic Home Notes uses the Google platform to help teachers and behavioral interventionists design custom home notes...
  • A practical, easy-to-use guide to managing any classroom, specifically designed for the new teacher.

    The Tough Kid New Teacher Book
    Our first year in a classroom with 26 high-energy children can be a delightful experience—but it can be daunting as well! So many minds to nourish and each one so radically different! Are you wishing you had just a few...
  • Provides parents with effective tools and strategies for managing "tough" behaviors.

    The Tough Kid Parent Book
    OUT OF PRINT—New edition in the works Email info@pacificnwpublish.com to be notified when the new edition is available. Are you working with families that have kids who argue, throw tantrums, and refuse to cooperate...
  • A practical guide to schoolwide behavior management and legal issues

    The Tough Kid Principal's Briefcase
    The Tough Kid Principal's Briefcase takes the most current research on supporting schoolwide and individual student behavior and translates it into a concise, practical guide. This essential tool for K-12 principals,...
  • Resources and strategies to help "tough kids" learn and use effective social skills

    The Tough Kid Social Skills Book
    Tough Kids often have a difficult time getting along in social situations, largely because they have not learned appropriate ways of behaving.The Tough Kid Social Skills Book teaches those learned behaviors that students...

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