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For Parents

  • Help your child learn and use effective social skills.

    Social Skills for the Tough Kid: Tips and Tools for Parents
    Many children have a tough time in social situations. Some are shy and withdrawn. Others may use their fists to settle arguments with their classmates. Kids who don't know how to interact appropriately have trouble...
  • Provides parents with effective tools and strategies for managing "tough" behaviors.

    The Tough Kid Parent Book
    OUT OF PRINT—New edition in the works Email info@pacificnwpublish.com to be notified when the new edition is available. Are you working with families that have kids who argue, throw tantrums, and refuse to cooperate...
  • This book provides strategies for building positive, collaborative relationships between parents and school staff that benefit all students, including The Tough Kids.

    The Tough Kid: Teachers & Parents as Partners
    When Tough Kids are struggling in school, teachers don't need to address the problems alone. The Tough Kid: Teachers and Parents as Partners outlines a collaborative approach to problem solving in which the teacher works...