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Manuscript Submission

Pacific Northwest Publishing is an educational publishing company dedicated to changing the face of education.

Thank you for your interest in Pacific Northwest Publishing! We publish educational materials designed for administrators, teachers, counselors, and paraprofessionals working to improve the quality of K-12 schools. Our books and other products are high quality, practical, user friendly, and credible.

We seek authors who:

  • Write in an easy-to-read, conversational style
  • Guide, suggest, recommend—not command or direct
  • Provide examples that are grounded in real-life situations
  • Espouse only procedures, techniques, and methods that are solidly research based

We do not publish books or programs that advocate fads or trends in education.


Think of your proposal as an introduction of your work to us. As such, you will want to prepare it carefully if you intend to make a good impression.

Use the following list as a guideline in preparing the information you send us. This information helps us evaluate your project and determine the rightness of fit between you as author and us as publisher. Please respond to as many of these questions as you can. You may include any other information that you believe is pertinent.

  • A page or two that addresses these questions:

    What is your purpose in writing this book or program at this time? What do you want to accomplish? How is this project relevant? What need does it fulfill? How does it add to current knowledge and practice? How does it contribute to the field?
    Why do you feel you are qualified to write this book—how does your background and/or research experience bear on the project?
    How will your project fit into Pacific Northwest Publishing’s product line?
    Who are the intended audiences, primary, secondary, and others? How will they use the information you are providing?
    How is the content grounded in the current research on this topic? Be specific.
    What are the unique features of this book or program? How is it different from its competition? Provide a short bibliography of similar books or programs.

  • Description of the project as a whole. Summarize principal themes and explain how the overall organization of the project logically fits together.

  • Table of contents. This is a list of the intended chapters and appendices.

  • Descriptions of each chapter. Include a few sentences or a short paragraph about the content of each chapter.

  • Sample chapters. Include two or three sample chapters that you feel best represent the work.

  • Project details. How long do you think your manuscript will be (assume 250 words per page)? Will you includie graphics such as photographs, drawings, tables, charts, and so on? if so, estimate how many. When do you expect to complete your project? How do you see your final product—book, binder, package, etc.? Do you think your product has an application in university courses, staff development, or business training settings? if so, please describe these settings—type of course, average enrollment, level of student (undergraduate, graduate, adult learner), etc.

  • Biographical information. Include a resume or vita for all authors involved in the project. Please be sure to describe professional and educational background, including prior publications and research experience.


Simultaneous submissions. We discourage the practice of submitting manuscripts to more than one publisher at a time. However, if you feel the need to do so, please list the other publishers to whom you have sent a proposal.

First-time authors. We are always looking for fresh voices in the field and encourage first-time authors to submit proposals to us.


Contact us via email. Our editor will respond with instructions for emailing a copy of your proposal to us. Or, mail three (3) copies to:

Acquisitions Editor
Pacific Northwest Publishing
PO Box 50610
Eugene OR 97405

If you would like us to return the materials you send, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope of the proper size to contain your materials and with sufficient postage.


  • We will notify you when we receive your proposal, by email or mail, depending on your mode of submission to us.
  • One of our editors will then review your proposal. This review process should be complete within four weeks.
  • If that editor feels that your project fits with our publishing criteria, we will ask outside reviewers, professionals working in the field of education, to read your work (description of the project, table of contents, chapter descriptions and sample chapters) and give us feedback.
  • We will make a final determination after this final review process and notify you of our decision. It is difficult for us to determine exactly how long the final review process may take, given that our reviewers are working professionals and very busy. However, we will do our best to notify you of our decision in a timely fashion.