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Interventions Audio, 2nd ed.

You've established a vision for your classroom, generated clear expectations and rules, and spent the first several weeks of school teaching those expectations and rules. As a result, your students are well behaved, respectful, responsible, and motivated. Well, almost...

There are still one or two students who are:

  • Chronically disrespectful
  • Physically dangerous or assaultive
  • Disruptive to the learning climate
  • Failing academically
  • Inactive and unresponsive

The strategies presented in these CD audio presentations will help you deal with these misbehaviors. Get fast-paced, entertaining, and informative staff development on your way to and from work with these clips by Dr. Sprick on each of the 19 chapters in Interventions.

Track Titles and Run Times

Title Run Time
Introduction to
Pre-Interventions 30:00
Intervention A 19:03
Intervention B 30:33
Intervention C 37:03
Intervention D 20:18
Intervention E 48:19
Intervention F 39:31
Intervention G 11:29
Intervention H 15:08
Intervention I 26:28
Intervention J 12:42
Intervention K 14:10
Intervention L 27:11
Intervention M 15:43
Intervention N 8:41
Intervention O 34:55
Intervention P 36:15
Intervention Q 16:18
Intervention R 7:09


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  8 CDs (475 min)
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  Randy Sprick
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Randy Sprick, Ph.D.

Dr. Randy Sprick


Randy Sprick is an educational consultant and trainer in Eugene, Oregon. Each year, he presents practical and entertaining workshops to over 30,000 teachers and administrators throughout the United States and Canada.

Much of his work involves helping teachers, principals, and other staff set up schools and classrooms that encourage student responsibility and motivation, while humanely and effectively helping misbehaving students learn to behave in more responsible ways.

As the primary author for the Safe & Civil Schools series, Randy has produced numerous articles, books, audiotapes, and videotapes that assist school personnel in dealing with the issues of discipline and classroom management. His most recent publications include Teacher's Encyclopedia of Behavior Management, 2nd ed. (2012) and Coaching Classroom Management, 2nd ed. (2010).

He is a past president of the Association for Direct Instruction. In 2007, the Council for Exceptional Children honored Randy with the J.E. Wallace Wallin Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his work developing, advocating, and proliferating Positive Behavior Support in schools.

Randy is the director of Teaching Strategies, Inc. and the lead consultant for Safe & Civil Schools.

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Brilliantly organized and written. Every page is filled with practical, evidence-based solutions to some of the most vexing problems facing teachers in today’s schools. Randy Sprick is one of the most talented educators of our time.

—Don Deshler, Ph.D.,
Director, Center for Research on Learning
Professor of Special Education,
University of Kansas

Dr. Sprick's extensive experience as an educator and purveyor of best practices is apparent in the revised edition of Interventions. He has the unique talent of deconstructing complex ideas into workable, understandable and useful components that translate into teachable processes. Not only does the average school psychologicst benefit from the highly structured interventions, but all intervention staff and especially teachers can successfully use the early-stage practical aplication to behavior management. With increased efforts to address RTI across the nation, the Interventions book successfully integrates the best evidence-based practices with proactical, easy to use approaches to RTI. The revised edition of Interventions couldn't have come at a better time! All school intervention staff, especially teachers, will undoubtedly benefit from Interventions.

—Jose Luis Torres, Ph.D.,
Executive Director, Parent Services, Dallas ISD, TX
Former Dallas ISD Director of Psychological Services
and the Districtwide Implementation of SCS Foundations,
START, and Interventions

A must-have resource for every educator, administrator, and support staff. Interventions is a step by step evidence based blueprint that is practical, easy to understand, use, and implement. Whether PBIS or RTI, this manual has it all—a tiered system of interventions that are universally designed for all students. Randy Sprick has once again provided the field with an incredibly useful and proactive way to set up students, teachers, and parents for success.

—Judy Elliott, Ph.D.,
Chief Academic Officer, Los Angeles Unified School District

Interventions is an easy-to-use guide for planning and implementing behavior management and interventions based on the latest research and time-tested strategies. It is organized locally, speaks in a relaxed and clear voice, and provides specific actions, tools, and reproducible forms for a teacher, school psychologist, counselor, or behavior specialist to use every day."

—Susan Gorin, CAE.
Executive Director, National Association of School Psychologists