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Teacher's Encyclopedia of Behavior Management, 2nd Edition: 100+ Problems/ 500+ Plans

Dr. Randy Sprick's top-selling Teacher's Encyclopedia of Behavior Management is now newly revised and updated. Since 1995, thousands of teachers have come to rely on the Encyclopedia's effective interventions to help them create and maintain productive, respectful, PBIS-driven learning environments.

Comprehensive and insightful, the Teacher's Encyclopedia offers more than 500 easy-to-implement intervention plans, covering over 100 common classroom problems, including:

  • Arguing—Students with the teacher and students with each other
  • Blaming others/Excuses for everything
  • Cliques/Ganging up
  • Forgetting materials
  • Homework issues
  • Problems with transitions
  • Work completion—Daily work

The new second edition incorporates a more streamlined, easy-to-reference design,  75 ready-to-use reproducibles you can download to make intervention implementation easy (formerly Encyclopedia Tools), and 14 new problems, including misuse of electronics, cyberbullying, gambling, and skipping class.

For each misbehavior addressed, the Teacher's Encyclopedia offers an assortment of plans that allow you to select an intervention tailored to the purpose, duration, and severity of the specific situation. A series of questions guides you through relevant considerations to help you identify the plan that best suits your situation or develop your own custom intervention.


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  888 pp. and 75 reproducible forms for download
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  Randy Sprick
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Randy Sprick, Ph.D.

Dr. Randy Sprick


Randy Sprick is an educational consultant and trainer in Eugene, Oregon. Each year, he presents practical and entertaining workshops to over 30,000 teachers and administrators throughout the United States and Canada.

Much of his work involves helping teachers, principals, and other staff set up schools and classrooms that encourage student responsibility and motivation, while humanely and effectively helping misbehaving students learn to behave in more responsible ways.

As the primary author for the Safe & Civil Schools series, Randy has produced numerous articles, books, audiotapes, and videotapes that assist school personnel in dealing with the issues of discipline and classroom management. His most recent publications include Teacher's Encyclopedia of Behavior Management, 2nd ed. (2012) and Coaching Classroom Management, 2nd ed. (2010).

He is a past president of the Association for Direct Instruction. In 2007, the Council for Exceptional Children honored Randy with the J.E. Wallace Wallin Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his work developing, advocating, and proliferating Positive Behavior Support in schools.

Randy is the director of Teaching Strategies, Inc. and the lead consultant for Safe & Civil Schools.

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If all students are to reach high academic and applied learning standards, their teachers must be afforded consistent opportunities to observe good practice, reflect on good practice, and repeat the procees. Works like the Teacher's Encyclopedia provide the cornerstone for this cycle—explicit examples of good practice.

—Vicki Phillips, Ph.D,
Director of Education,
College Ready in the United States Program,
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Randy Sprick's CHAMPS book is widely recognized as a classic in the field of behavior management and has been highly influential in empowering teachers to manage students and classrooms more effectively. This new edition of the Teacher's Encyclopedia provides one of the most effective and comprehensive compendia of behavior management problem-solving techniques available. This practical, hands-on resource will prove extremely valuable to every teacher.

—Hill Walker Ph.D., Co-director,
University of Oregon's Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior,
Eugene, OR

Randy Sprick is a recognized leader in the field of education today. He has a keen understanding of students, classroom dynamics, and teachers. This book is filled with highly innovative and practical recommendations for creating and maintaining an effective classroom. There are few books that are a must for educators, but this is one of them.

—Don Deschler, Ph.D., Director,
Center for Research on Learning, University of Kansas,
Lawrence, Kansas

Randy's work has been of immeasurable help to countless educators over the years. This revised edition of his popular book, Teacher's Encyclopedia of Behavior Management: 100+ Problems/500+ Plans, provides even sharper tools for assisting teachers to be more effective in their most important and ever-challenging profession.

—Geoff Colvin, Ph.D., Educational Consultant and Author,
Behavior Associates, Eugene, Oregon

There are multiple reasons why students exhibit problematic behaviors, so why not multiple solutions? Dr. Sprick has collected a multitude of proven solutions for the most common student difficulties, each based on sound research. This guide is truly a teacher's "Bible" of practical, easy-to-use behavior management techniques.

—Jim Ysseldyke, Ph.D,
Birkmaier Professor of Educational Leadership,
School Psychology Program, University of Minnesota,
Minneapolis, Minnesota