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The Tough Kid Bully Blocker Shorts

Fast-hands animation provides an engaging presentation of six skills for preventing and reducing bullying. Students are compelled to watch and in the process learn the concepts. How will the artist portray the bully, the bystander, and the bully blocker? After watching each short, the stage is set for discussing what makes a bully, how to block a bully, how to resolve conflict, and how to make your school bully free.

Reduce and prevent bullying!

Complement the animation of The Tough Kid Bully Blocker Shorts with indepth lessons from The Tough Kid Bully Blockers Book.

Video Titles and Run Times

  1. Learning About Bullying (7:10)
  2. Bully Blocker Tools (10:14)
  3. Friendship Builders (6:20)
  4. Problem Solvers (8:37)
  5. Respecting Differences (6:01)
  6. Confidence Boosters (7:38)


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  1 DVD (46 min)
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  Julie Bowen, Paula Ashcraft, William Jenson, and Ginger Rhode
Price: $95.00

William Jenson, Ph.D.



William R. Jenson is a professor and past chair of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Utah. He received his Ph.D. in School Psychology/Applied Behavior Analysis from Utah State University in 1975.

He directed the Adolescent Residential Unit in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Children's Behavior Therapy Unit (CBTU) for Salt Lake Mental Health. CBTU is a day hospital program for severely emotionally disturbed and autistic children.

Dr. Jenson's interests include behavior management for severe behavior problems, behavioral assessment, school-based interventions, parent training, applied technology, and meta-analytic research.

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Paula Ashcraft, M.S.

Paula Ashcraft


Paula Ashcraft is currently a school psychologist in the Jordan School District in Sandy, Utah.

A 30-year career educator, Paula has worked as a speech-language pathologist, special educator, cluster leader/coordinator for classrooms designed for students with emotional disturbance/behavior disorders, and districtwide behavior specialist. She has also served as auxiliary faculty at the University of Utah for the Departments of Educational Psychology, Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Special Education.

A major area of focus for Paula is schoolwide discipline and positive behavioral supports. She has presented bullying prevention training for educators throughout Utah and is committed to creating a positive and safe school community environment where all students are valued and experience social and academic success.


Ginger Rhode, Ph.D.

Dr. Ginger Rhode


Ginger Rhode is the deputy superintendent for academic achievement in the Canyons School District in Sandy, Utah. Previous assignments in other school districts have included director of special education, director of federal and state programs, elementary school principal, junior high school vice principal, and teacher in elementary and secondary classrooms for severe behavior disordered/emotionally disturbed students.

Dr. Rhode is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Utah in the Educational Psychology Department. She has taught numerous university classes and has published many books, journal articles, book chapters, and professional papers. Her main areas of interest and expertise include classroom and schoolwide management, social skills training, generalization and maintenance of behavior, legal issues affecting students with disabilities, and providing a rigorous academic environment for all students.

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Julie Bowen, Ph.D.

Dr. Julie Bowen


Julie Bowen has worked with children and adolescents for more than 28 years as a preschool teacher, elementary teacher, and school psychologist. Dr. Bowen is currently a licensed psychologist and practicing school psychologist in the Jordan School District in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a school psychologist she has worked for several years with educators in Utah to develop and implement programs addressing bullying prevention and intervention at the individual, classroom, and schoolwide level.

Her research and professional interests include psychological assessment, academic and behavioral interventions, schoolwide interventions, and bullying prevention. She has coauthored several books, including School-Based Interventions for Students with Behavior Problems and Homework Partners: Study Buddies: Parent Tutoring Tactics.


The Bully Blocker Shorts DVD opens up the conversation on how to best help students address this issue in schools. The Shorts are useful and practical resources for educators to engage students around the topic of bullying. They offer practical and straightforward advice on understanding even the most complex issues around bullying that occur in school settings. This DVD is a must-have for school personnel dealing with this complex issue and how to best address it with students.

—Carol Joy Anderson, Educational Specialist,
Emotional Disturbance/ Mental Health Issues,
Utah State Office of Education