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The Tough Kid Bundle

Buy The Tough Kid Book, 2nd ed. and The Tough Kid Toolbox together and save!

If you are a regular or special education teacher, counselor, instructional coach, or paraeducator, you can use these two books in combination to develop effective and positively focused classrooms.

In The Tough Kid Book (2nd ed.), you will earn how to structure your classroom to ensure success for Tough Kids and use proactive, practical techniques for managing difficult students. This second edition features an all-new chapter on returning Tough Kids to the general education classroom and includes the Teacher Pleaser Social Skills and Teacher's Expectation Programs.

The Tough Kid Tool Box is the ideal companion to The Tough Kid Book. It supplies even more ready-to-use, classroom-tested materials to help motivate and manage your Tough Kids. Together in one convenient place, you will find forms, reproducibles, hints, and explanations to help you implement effective behavior management strategies.

Now you can buy both and save! Start turning tough kids into great kids today!


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William Jenson, Ph.D.



William R. Jenson is a professor and past chair of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Utah. He received his Ph.D. in School Psychology/Applied Behavior Analysis from Utah State University in 1975.

He directed the Adolescent Residential Unit in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Children's Behavior Therapy Unit (CBTU) for Salt Lake Mental Health. CBTU is a day hospital program for severely emotionally disturbed and autistic children.

Dr. Jenson's interests include behavior management for severe behavior problems, behavioral assessment, school-based interventions, parent training, applied technology, and meta-analytic research.

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Ginger Rhode, Ph.D.

Dr. Ginger Rhode


Ginger Rhode is the deputy superintendent for academic achievement in the Canyons School District in Sandy, Utah. Previous assignments in other school districts have included director of special education, director of federal and state programs, elementary school principal, junior high school vice principal, and teacher in elementary and secondary classrooms for severe behavior disordered/emotionally disturbed students.

Dr. Rhode is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Utah in the Educational Psychology Department. She has taught numerous university classes and has published many books, journal articles, book chapters, and professional papers. Her main areas of interest and expertise include classroom and schoolwide management, social skills training, generalization and maintenance of behavior, legal issues affecting students with disabilities, and providing a rigorous academic environment for all students.

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H. Kenton Reavis, Ph.D.

Dr. H. Kenton Reavis


Ken Reavis was Coordinator of the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development and Specialist for Behavior Disorders and Discipline in the Services for the At Risk Section of the Utah State Office of Education.

Dr. Reavis's extensive educational experience in the field as classroom teacher, university professor, and administrator was reflected in his research, writing, and presentations. His career focused on student management, discipline, school climate, noncompliance, school assistance teams, and prereferral strategies. His work continues to benefit teachers, administrators, resource personnel, and parents.

Dr. Reavis passed away in 2001.